Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Where oh where....

Does time go! lol
Suddenly its 6 months since I last posted here.  Lyla Mae is now 2years old and we also now have an 8mth old grandson who has the cheekiest smile.  My Osteoporosis is still playing up but I'm learning how to live with it and with each new fracture I'm able to gain more control with the pain as I know how to move/or not move etc.  while the fracture starts to repair itself.
Craft wise I'm still  knitting and have nearly finished a top I'm making for myself.  I've  made very few cards, and at the moment I'm unable to design any more card sheets  as my computer has stopped working so I'm using DH most of the time until I'm able to get my computer repaired.  Hope these last 6months have been kind to you all.
bye for now

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I really wish you posted in blog more often! However, I understand that your life now is really busy and that is great!