Sunday, 9 August 2015


how  time flies!  I think that's what I said last time I posted on my blog. LOL   Well I haven't had too much to report as my Osteoporosis has been a pain - literally!  I still enjoy my crafts though, knitting, sewing and making a few cards.  I find making cards a strain on my back so that's why I've only made a few in the last year.
My favourite knitting is dishcloths as I don't have to concentrate so much!  Recently I've returned to sewing as I find that's the most comfortable thing for me to do.
I seem to be unable to upload some photos to show you some of my knitting so I'll change them and try again.
Bye for now

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Where oh where....

Does time go! lol
Suddenly its 6 months since I last posted here.  Lyla Mae is now 2years old and we also now have an 8mth old grandson who has the cheekiest smile.  My Osteoporosis is still playing up but I'm learning how to live with it and with each new fracture I'm able to gain more control with the pain as I know how to move/or not move etc.  while the fracture starts to repair itself.
Craft wise I'm still  knitting and have nearly finished a top I'm making for myself.  I've  made very few cards, and at the moment I'm unable to design any more card sheets  as my computer has stopped working so I'm using DH most of the time until I'm able to get my computer repaired.  Hope these last 6months have been kind to you all.
bye for now

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Remember me?

I am so bad at keeping this blog.  The trouble is I'm not sure which way the blog is going to go.  There are several reasons for me saying this and hopefully I'll make sense  while explaining. 
First as you already know I've had back trouble which makes it very uncomfortable to sit and make card.  I tend to lean over the table when I'm making them.
Second because of the above I have taken up knitting again and have also done a little crochet, but I prefer knitting.  But boy after trying to get things done for christmas this year I've made the decision to start making things for Christmas  next year in January! lol 
I have at last managed to find out why my back is so bad and unfortunately I have
Osteoporosis and Osteo Arthritis in my spine.  The Osteoporosis is quite bad and has altered my lifestyle considerably this year.  I wish there was a support group near me, but sadly there isn't.
Hope you are all ready for  Christmas and when I get I chance I 'll post some photos of the things I've been making.
Best wishes     Carol

Friday, 6 September 2013

Weigh in

Well this week I gained 1/2lb which is ok as last week I lost 4 1/2lb which was great!  Here are my achievements so far at Slimming World:

I have also received slimmer of the week a couple of weeks ago, but for some reason my award won't upload here. 

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Remember me????????????

Wow where oh where has this last year gone!  We have had a busy year and our grandaughters are an absolute joy, we will also be blessed with our first grandson in a few weeks time.  He will be Amelias brother, she is sooo excited.  here is a photo of them with their 'Aunty'

As you can imagine I haven't had too much time for designing sheets for card making etc! but I have taken up knitting again.  I have also started Slimming World as I need  to lose a few stones for health reasons, mainly my bad back.  I also want to be able to play with our grandaughters without being in pain afterwards! lol  I'll keep you post with my weightloss achievements and of course knitting I complete.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

September catch up!

As I mentioned in a previous post my daughter was pregnant and I'm pleased to say she has been  blessed with a gorgeous baby girl Lyla Mae, 9lb 10oz (ouch!)  Here are some pictures of her.

The top photo is of Lyla Mae being held by our sons daughter Amelia who is now 3 years old and loving the fact that she is now a big cousin!
The second photo is of Lyla Mae in her first dress. 
Will post later to catch you up on more of whats been going on since my last post, bye for now

Monday, 7 May 2012

Trevithic stall

Somewhat late but at last here are the photos of my stall.  Sadly the visitors were all watching their pennies this year so none of us did very well.  Still it was good fun and wonderful to see everyones lovely work.

The first picture shows one side of the tabel the second shows the other side with my sisters gorgeous cards in the stand.  The last 2 show some of the lose cards at the front most of which will be added to my Etsy shop
Hope you have all had a relaxing bank holiday weekend, my husband says he's going back to work for a rest! lol