Saturday, 21 December 2013

Remember me?

I am so bad at keeping this blog.  The trouble is I'm not sure which way the blog is going to go.  There are several reasons for me saying this and hopefully I'll make sense  while explaining. 
First as you already know I've had back trouble which makes it very uncomfortable to sit and make card.  I tend to lean over the table when I'm making them.
Second because of the above I have taken up knitting again and have also done a little crochet, but I prefer knitting.  But boy after trying to get things done for christmas this year I've made the decision to start making things for Christmas  next year in January! lol 
I have at last managed to find out why my back is so bad and unfortunately I have
Osteoporosis and Osteo Arthritis in my spine.  The Osteoporosis is quite bad and has altered my lifestyle considerably this year.  I wish there was a support group near me, but sadly there isn't.
Hope you are all ready for  Christmas and when I get I chance I 'll post some photos of the things I've been making.
Best wishes     Carol

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I am almost ready for Christmas 2015:) Cannot wait till celebrations, gifts and holidays! I am so tired from my work and need some rest.